Learning Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique involves no specific exercises, requires no special equipment, and can be practised wherever you are. It is suitable for people of all ages and levels of physical mobility. Learning the Technique involves changing long-standing habits of thinking movement, and relies on your active participation.

Through experience and observation you gain increased awareness, enabling you to change long-standing habits and to function more efficiently. In time you will be able to use your new understanding and skill in more and more complex and demanding activities; you can bring the awareness of the Technique to anything you do.

“…You can throw away the habits of a lifetime if you just use your brain…”

F M Alexander

Lessons in Bristol

Alexander Technique Lessons in Bristol

You can learn Alexander Technique through one-to-one lessons with me at my private practice in Victoria Park in Bristol.

I teach by gentle hands-on guidance and verbal explanations to help you find ease and balance within yourself, whilst performing simple movements and everyday activities such as sitting, standing, walking or bending. Part of the lesson usually also includes you lying down in the classic Alexander Technique semi-supine position, which allows maximum support and relief for the body.

Fees & Appointments

All lessons are 1 hour and cost £40.00

Our first meeting gives you the opportunity to discuss your needs and, most importantly, to experience Alexander and discover how it might help you.

Appointment hours are 10.00-19.00 Tuesday to Friday.

Online Lessons

Alexander Technique Lessons Online

Although Alexander lessons are traditionally face-toface with a significant hands-on element, there is much you can learn through online lessons from an experienced teacher.

I offer remote teaching to anyone, wherever you are in the world, via Skype?  Zoom? with flexible appointments to suit your lifestyle.

Fees & Appointments

Online lessons are 1 hour and cost £40.00

Your first lesson gives you the opportunity to discuss your needs and to discover how working with me can help you.

Appointment hours are 10.00-19.00 Tuesday to Friday.

Example of a Lesson

(With thanks and acknowledgement to Anthony Kingsley)

To know when we are
is all that we shall ever know
in this world

F M Alexander

Knowing when you are wrong


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