Alexander Technique

What’s it all about?

We are all in a rush, looking for ways to get more done in less time. Our personal wellbeing competes for attention in the melee of activity and here too results need to come fast. Looking after ourselves is important, provided that it doesn’t take too long.

We tackle our symptoms and hope that the causes will vanish when the symptoms improve. Time and again, we act as though our problem has been imposed on us and some external intervention will bring lasting relief.

Alexander Technique brings a completely different approach to the issues that we face. It is a learned skill that allows us to be the agents of our own recovery, to do away with our limitations and move confidently towards our long and short term goals.

Searching for Solutions to Good Health

“…Everyone is always teaching us what to do, leaving us still doing all the things we shouldn’t be doing..”

F M Alexander

What then?


Alexander Technique Inhibition

Alexander Technique first asks us to STOP!

And in an Alexander lesson we come to experience what that really means!

By first learning to stop interfering with our natural functioning, we come to recognise the habits of thought and unnecessary muscular tension that cause us pain and discomfort and stop us fulfilling our true potential.

Alexander Technique helps you take a fresh look at the way you think and move – in everyday activity as well as whilst performing particular skills which may be important to you. It involves a conscious awareness which we are not used to, but which can make a huge difference to the way we feel.

We can then learn how to direct ourselves in a more efficient and healthier way. Gradually habits diminish and our normal condition changes.  We move towards the effortless and dynamic condition we were born with.


Learn for Yourself

But in the end there is only so much that can be said in written words.

You, like most people, may find that these only really make sense when you experience the Technique for yourself.

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